the eskimos upstairs

Over the past couple of months, Darren and I have gotten to know our upstairs neighbors a little bit better.  Mr. and Mrs. Eskimo are now Mr. and Mrs. John Eskimo (unfortunately, I cannot remember her first name).  They have several daughters and a ton of grandchildren.  They are from “up North” (says John) and English is definitely their second language.  They moved to Thunder Bay in May just like we did, because John has kidney issues and needs dialysis a few times a week.  The hospital here comes and picks him up and then drops him back off.  We speak more with him than his wife.  Their daughters know English much better and it is a lot easier to communicate with them, although John is friendly and we have had some (very slow, with lots of gestures) conversations.

When my car was broken into, I left a note on the door for John to let him know that it had happened and to be careful and make sure they lock up.  They don’t have a car, but I worried that some hoodlum might break into their house.  A few days later, our landlord called to check about that and also to ask us to go give them the name/password to the router, since they had family in town who needed to use the internet.  When I gave John a slip of paper that had that info written down, he proceeded to tell me that he had been alone the previous week because his wife went “up North” to bring family back to visit.  Later that day, an RV was parked RIGHT UP AGAINST the side of our house.  It seriously blocks our living room and bathroom windows.  They’re plugged into the side of our house (I’m so glad we don’t pay a separate electric bill).  It’s been a week and the family is still there.

We actually learned a lot more about the eskimos upstairs on Friday, when Darren’s friend Nick came to hang out.  It was a scorcher that day (85 degrees – never seen it higher!) and we retreated outside after dusk since it cooled down a great deal once the sun set.  We were drinking and shooting the breeze when a random white guy walking his dog came up.  He got really friendly with us and explained that it was actually he and his family in the RV and they were going to live here until they found a place in Thunder Bay (okaaaaay…).  He’s John’s friend and he was telling us a lot about him, how he’s a “real bushman” and how he’s also a “minister to his people.”  They have a massive family with tons of grandkids who are apparently always coming in and out.

They’re really nice, but it’s getting kind of annoying.  We’ve had two windows blocked for a week now.  There are ALWAYS people moving around upstairs – it’s like a giant college party that never ends (I did NOT foresee that happening with an elderly couple living up there – I’m guessing the landlord didn’t either, since he wanted to make sure Darren and I were going to be “nice and quiet for the old folks).  We’re having a really hard time sleeping since you can hear every sound, and our bedroom is right below their living room, and their front door has pretty much just started revolving.  The RV family has this little yappy dog that they’ve chained to the fence right outside our bedroom window; it woke us up three times this morning at ungodly hours.  They’re MAJORLY sucking our bandwidth; our internet has been really slow and shitty since they arrived.  Darren and I have actually gotten into the habit of changing the wireless password about an hour prior to raid time so we can actually raid with a decent latency.  We’ve been changing it back afterwards and the one day when they asked us about it, we were like “idk our net was down too.”

I guess the plus side to this is that even though our small house now looks like a ghetto ass trailer park (forreals… and there’s tons of little kids swarming everywhere too), everyone is very friendly and nice and they actually say “hi!” to me now instead of running away like they used to.  I feel better about my car sitting out back knowing that there’s a ton of friendly eskimos (and eskimo’s friends) who seem to have our back (and who are living right beside it in a damn RV).  But still, our privacy has gone down a great deal, and sleeping has become a lost cause since they are up 24/7.  I’ve started taking a nap between 5-8pm just to get a little more rest since I’m only getting 3-4 hours a night.  For some reason, the house seems dead at that time and I’ve been able to consistently sleep then.  I probably should right now, but I’ve got a lot of stuff going on.

…stuff like the loaf of bread that’s rising in the kitchen!  I have damn near perfected this recipe.  Loaf 2 and 3 were delicious.  I let 2 rise a little too much and it was pretty misshapen; 3 was right on the dot.  I think I’m going to start baking a loaf every other day.  I have no idea why I waited so long to learn how to bake proper bread with yeast; this stuff is delicious.  I need to take some pix of this loaf to show you all later :)

In WoW related news, my guild is server Horde first, and overall server second.  We’re 4/7 HC Firelands and hope to be 6/7 this week!  Woot!


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