Guys, I have all these thoughts crowding in my brain. They bug me when I do mundane things like take a shower or try to sleep or sit on the toilet. Mostly the last one, I’ll be honest, I do a lot of deep thinking there. I feel kinda like a schmuck for not updating here with any sort of frequency in the past, oh, two years since I started this damn blog. But then again, I kinda don’t, because it’s my blog and its purpose is to be here when I feel like writing and my lack of posts obviously reflects that I haven’t.

But I do now and that’s what’s important, right?

In preparation for some oncoming writing projects, I recategorized all my old posts. Behold, the sidebar to the right!

The project I am most looking forward to starting is one that several of my WoW guild members have been encouraging me to tackle – my Memoirs of a Guild Master. I have so much crazy shit happen to me in WoW that I think I have the beginning of a comedy novel or a reality show. And it’s about time to start writing it all down because the memories are too great to forget.

Me and Mom are still working on the kitchen and that, as well as my misadventures with the new power tools Santa just brought me, shall be recorded henceforth as “Britt Builds.”

This year I sucked it up and read the entire A Song of Ice and Fire series and now I am hooked. I spend hours wasting away thinking about things from those books. It’s my biggest literary obsession since Harry Potter. And I have decided that since I have to wait god knows how long for GRRM to write book 6, I am going to reread the current books one chapter at a time and take notes with the aim of supporting or disproving some pet theories. Look for that as Britt Crits Lit.

And sometimes I like to cook. And complain about stuff. Best guess as to which categories those are.

Also, beloved friends and family, I shall implore you once more to check out my webcomic See No Evil if you have not yet looked at it. I am ridiculously proud of that site and of my writing and of my dear friend Ash’s artwork. The comic is a labor of love and we will continue to create and develop it this upcoming year.


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