1 – What Will Meemaw Eat?

Spoiler alert: Canadian Bacon and I have been living here in the basement for a little over a month now. I am super behind in getting updates out for you guys. Part of that is because it’s still not “done” – I have a laundry list of small finishing tasks to complete – and part of it is because I’m back to work full time, which really eats into blog post time. Since I’m on vacation this week, I’m going to try to rectify that issue and get some updates out. It looks great down here!

So one of the tasks we do here is cook nightly for Meemaw and Sugarbandit. This quickly devolved into cooking for SB only, as Meemaw is highly hesitant to try anything new and pretty much lives on fast food. Our family was under the (mistaken) assumption that she was eating so much fast food because she couldn’t stand to cook for very long…. oh, no, it has become abundantly clear that she just prefers McDonald’s to home cooking.

It is a nightly ritual that she fixes SB his sweet tea and gives him his medicines and then goes and sits on the couch while the 3 of us eat at the table by ourselves. It’s also a nightly ritual that SB complains about her refusing to eat and refusing to sit with us. CB and I, at this point, just find the whole thing rather ludicrous and hilarious. The absolute best was when I made baked chicken last week (which is one of her specialties) and she went and ordered McNuggets instead.

So tonight the idea for “What Will Meemaw Eat?” was born. I told CB over dinner, “I should start recording what Meemaw will eat, or even try,” since I think it’s so little. He got a chuckle out of it and agreed. I thought the family might find it particularly humorous too, so this feature was born.

Tonight’s Menu –
chicken alfredo with peas
fresh green beans (which she cooked several days ago and I warmed up)
crescent rolls

I knew we were in for trouble when Meemaw asked what I was cooking and I told her, and she went “What’s that?” to which I responded “It’s like mac & cheese with chicken,” and I got her signature “YUUUUCCCK” noise. The woman loves chicken and mac & cheese. Later on, she made sure to tell me “I don’t like pasta stuff.”

She tried a spoonful, wrinkled her nose, refused the green beans and crescent rolls, commented “YUUUUCKK – did you put peas in it?!” in an appalled tone. After that, she informed me that we can get a hamburger at McDonald’s after we drop SB off for his sleep study.

Chicken alfredo. Some funky noodles because I don’t like fettucini noodles, baby le seur peas, chicken tenderloin strips, and that Philadelphia Cream Cheese Dinner Helper Italian shit. Green beans and crescent rolls on the side.


4 responses

  1. Sounds like me, I’ll eat my own cooking if I choose to cook, but if someone else cooks I’m ordering a pizza or hitting up a drive-thru. It gets really uncomfortable when I’m invited over for dinner somewhere, I usually just decline.

    • That’s so odd to me – I’m curious to try stuff. I was really picky as a child, and I still have some non-negotiables now (probably the big one – I abhor onions, especially raw ones), but I’m always interested in trying different cooking, especially ethnic stuff.

  2. She, like all Senior Citizens, is set in her ways. I really wouldn’t worry about it. I’m sure you get no complaints from SB. Keep up the good works.

    • Thanks, Uncle Dent!

      Nah, SB loves my cooking and sings its praises. When you and Aunt Mary come visit next time I’ll cook for you too :) I just seriously don’t get Meemaw’s food preferences – sometimes she’ll be all about one food, then two days later she turns her nose up at it. She’s SUCH a good cook herself, but all she ever wants nowdays is fast food!

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