Cat Hacks – Top-Entry Litterbox for $4.50

My blog has moved and I’m too cheap to pay for a redirect!

You can now find this post at the following location,


2 responses

  1. You have seriously made my day. I am going to Wal-Mart tomorrow to get this box. I will have my husband cut the square it in TOMORROW. That is how sick I am of my dear little ones (or not so little) tracking litter all over my laundry room. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    • I’m so glad I could help!! Seriously, this is the best litterbox ever, and so cheap. I would recommend leaving the top off for a few days so they get used to jumping into it before putting the top back on. You will still have SOME litter on the floor, but nowhere near what cats do with normal boxes!!

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