7 Quick Takes Friday 8.23.13

My blog has moved and I’m too cheap to pay for a redirect!

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3 responses

  1. Thanks for the shout out! Brunswick isn’t very far from where I live. I shop there sometimes. And how many cats do you have, and do all of their names start with S? My hubby used to play WoW. He hasn’t played in a few years.

    Whenever we move back to WA, I’m gonna visit Canada. I have never been out of this country, and that’s sad considering that I’ve been a military dependent my whole life. I hope everything works out with your husband’s immigration.

  2. I have SO much family in Brunswick. That’s where my grandfather’s from, and he has 8 brothers and sisters… and they all have hordes of kids. I’m probably related to half of southern GA.

    I have 5 cats… I’m a crazy cat lady, but my husband loves them too. We’re big animal people and we want to get a dog when we buy a home in the future. And maybe have chickens too, lol. Our cats are Q, Storm, Rain, Sky, and Shadow. Q’s name was given to her at the humane society. I named Storm and Rain – they’re from before I met Darren – and we named Sky and Shadow together, keeping with the nature theme.

    I can’t believe you’ve never been out of the US! I’ve been back and forth to Canada a couple of times now and I love it there. I really, really loved Germany though. My dad was working overseas back when I was in college, and my Mom and I flew over there to meet him. It was my first time flying, and it was like a 15 hour flight, lol. I’ve only been to Ontario… WA borders with British Columbia and Darren says it’s really pretty out there. I hope to make it out that ways sometime too.

  3. My mom had a cat named Stormy once… That cat put her in the hospital! It scratched her really bad. I like the names Storm and Sky a lot!

    My husband has lived in Panama and Germany, but I haven’t gone anywhere cool. I will definitely visit Canada. I worked for MWR (Morale, Welfare, & Recreation), we sold tickets for tours of different places in Canada, but I never went…

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