How to Build a Cat Tree Around a Basement Support Pole

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    • Thanks lady! I’d be happy to give you a crash course in power tools next time you head up this way. I’m pretty much just muddling my way through building stuff like this, but it’s a ton of fun!

    • Wouldn’t we all?! Fortunately my husband is as crazy as I am and would be down with four hundred cats if we could feasibly support them! I never thought I’d have as many as five, but the last two were TOTALLY his doing!

  1. You are not kidding, that is the mother of all cat trees. Seriously, my 2 cats would be in cat heaven. Oh my goodness. Unfortunately though, while we do have a support pole in our basement, the basement itself is a no mans land. Meaning that it is basically part dirt / part cement floor – fieldstone walls, moisture…something like the basement of the restaurant in the Goonies movie. Anyway, the cats aren’t allowed down there, I am afraid one of them might not make it out alive, who knows what else lives down there. So, I am on a quest to figure out how to do a DIY cat tree in some other location. I seriously just want to buy sissel. :)

    • Ohh man yeah, this basement was HORRIBLE before we redid it. If you get a minute, you should check out my “Starting Point” post @

      Basically it was full of creepy broken dolls and black widows.

      You could build your own base. Just get some 3/4″ plywood or something and cut out a base, and then create the poles out of 4x4s or maybe rounded decking pillars or something. You could just bolt them in straight through the bottom of the plywood base, and use small corner brackets on the top of the base to help brace them to the wood. If I did that, I would use at least 2 poles and put them catty-corner on the base, then just build the plywood platforms between them. That would actually probably be a lot easier than what we had to do, fitting the platforms around the pole!

  2. this is HILARIOUS! and smart. we are almost done with our basement but we can not figure out what to do with the darn pole. I totally sent your picture to my boyfriend. this just made my day.

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