Momma’s Kitchen Makeover–More Progress!

Slowly but surely, we are getting there!  We went through a lot of turmoil with the cabinet stain.  Remember, Momma’s kitchen is all original 1960s pine cabinets.  At first we were going to use Minwax Polyshades in Bombay Mahogany, but that looked streaky and picked up every bit of dust and dog fur, so we decided to go with a Minwax Walnut stain.  Heather and I took all of the cabinet doors to her mother’s workshop, where we spent a day sanding the hell out of them.  The following day, we put the first coat of stain on them.  However, despite our rigorous sanding and use of a liquid deglosser, followed by Minwax’s wood conditioner, the stain would not take properly.  The cabinets looked blotchy and terrible.  So Mom decided that regardless of how terrible the Polyshades looked, we were going back to it – this time in a jet black that looks like lacquer.

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The State of Things

My Personal Life

Still happily married, still not wanting to ever have kids, still have (sadly) only three cats.  I’d kind of like to have about fifty.  One day…

I applied to graduate school at Western Kentucky University and am keeping my fingers crossed that I am accepted for the fall semester.  I am hoping to pursue my Masters in English.  My eventual goal is to teach college composition&rhetoric courses – there’s decent money in that, and I love teaching writing.  I’m good at teaching writing.  Continue reading

Momma’s Kitchen Makeover, Week 2

Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures from this week. We didn’t get much progress done on the kitchen due to some nasty weather (always cold and clear or wet and warm). Mom did have a crazy shopping spree at Hobby Lobby, which got in a lot of really cool new chicken stuff, but she ultimately returned a lot of it as unnecessary at this stage in the reno. She still hasn’t picked a wall color, either, but is leaning towards a beigey sandy color.
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Momma’s Kitchen Makeover

The house my parents live in was built in the 1960s and is very characteristic of that time period; it’s ranch style, with the living areas separated from the social areas, and has a long and narrow formal living room and a combination dining room / kitchen separated by a breakfast bar. The dining room / kitchen is paneled in that godawful orangey-yellow shellac’d pine, and the cabinets are the same style and color.
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